7 ways to get the true heart of a man

1– understanding

A female stenographer, typing speed is very slow, and often mistakes, but not being fired by the boss. An important reason she was left behind was that her temper was particularly good, like a happy angel, making the entire office “sunny". As long as she is present, she can shield all the complaints, complaints and blames in the office.


A woman was busy taking care of her family all day long before she was married, but she always felt that she was lacking. One day, she found that she and her husband did not have a common hobby. She realized that she had neglected to accompany her husband. So, like her husband, she looked forward to every sporting event and marked the broadcast time on the TV. She and her husband enjoyed the game and no longer sat alone. In the process of accompanying her husband, she felt that she had more and more things to do.

3–Learn to listen

When a man is eager to speak, you sit quietly opposite him, it is not “listening." “Listening” is an active behavior, meaning interaction and communication. In addition to being careful, qualified “listeners" must actively participate and ask questions from time to time, especially valuable issues.

4–Adapt to his impulse

A man likes vacation very much. One afternoon he called his wife: “Dear, please pack your bags quickly. We will go to Bermuda for a holiday tomorrow." The smart wife immediately put the pajamas in the suitcase; the pet parrot was sent to the neighbors. Home fostering; calling friends and family to cancel various appointments. Early the next morning, the couple caught up with the morning liner and went to Bermuda. Many men are willing to act immediately if they have an idea. Therefore, as long as you adapt to the men’s emotional changes, or even impulsive, you can firmly grasp his heart.

5–Do not give orders

When some women are faced with the favorite men, they often ignore that they are women, and they are busy showing their talents. They can’t help but give orders to men. As a result, they regretfully lose their marriage. Until one day, these women began to admit defeat, and they were awakened. They began to change the way they do things. They let the man appreciate it with the attitude of “little woman" and finally “build into a positive result." When working, women should pay attention to efficiency and work diligently; in addition to work, learn to relax and let men feel that he is dating a woman rather than a diligent brain.

6–Be yourself

The basic principle of a mature life is to be “be yourself." Some women do not believe this, trying to make men fascinated or conquer men by changing their appearance, such as using brand-name cosmetics, wearing brand-name fashion, and often changing fashionable hairstyles. In fact, men are not so stupid, they will not evaluate the opposite sex according to their appearance. Mature women should tear off “packaging" early and show their true self to men:

7-Don’t look at yourself flat

If a woman always thinks that all men are enemies and thinks that they are victims of this world, it is difficult to establish friendship and intimacy with the opposite sex. Therefore, in order to establish a good relationship with the opposite sex including husband, we must first be proud of our female identity. Women must be happy to accept their gender, because this acceptance is not only a healthy attitude to life, but also a sign of mature women.


May the world be peaceful, everyone who wants to pay attention to me can be happy every day.



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