Can I hold you? —Mom

I wrote a lot of family stories, but I rarely write moms.

Mainly not easy to write. Dad is born with ease, no matter what jokes I make him, he can laugh. Mom can’t, she is a very serious person. She is also very strict with me, and as long as there is a place where my mother is, I am very restrained.

When I was adolescent, I collided with her very much. At that time, the two of us were as red-eyed as the cock of the fight. My mother’s character is staunch, everything is going to follow her wishes, and my temper is also violent, always like to squat with her, often a word of disagreement, the two have not spoken for a long time.

I have always believed that my early love was entirely caused by her oppression. I feel that she doesn’t love me. I dream that there is a man who loves me tenderly. Mom can’t forgive my early love, she thinks that not only delays learning, but also makes the family shameful, and yells at me. In the face of her scolding, I reluctantly chose to run away from home. On the morning of the first day of the year, I took a few oceans and an ID card in my pocket, and I fled the house. There wasn’t a store on the street to open the door, and the crowds were bright and beaming, but I was alone.

A few days later, during the hunger, I was still cheeky and went back. For me, the desire to survive has far exceeded self-esteem. Before entering the door, I was ready to meet her stormy bombing. Unexpectedly, as soon as I entered the door, she hugged me and cried, saying how stupid you are? Do you know that your mother is dying? This can’t be done in the future.

I couldn’t help but cry at that moment. Mom was busy eating hot meals for me; arranged for me to sleep, and when I woke up, she was lying on the bed and yelling at me and said, “Mom is not good, you have to forgive your mother. How are you so stupid? A girl Where can I go? What if I have a bad person? Are you not wanting a mother’s life?"

I rarely kiss my mother, and I rarely spoke. I have kept a certain distance from my parents since I was a child. Especially after having a younger brother, I took the initiative to move to the other side of the bed and let my brother sleep with my mother. When I was young, I saw my younger brother, and I went to kiss my mother. I was very envious. I hope that she will come and hug me. But I ended up being very self-disciplined, even if I loved her, I didn’t dare to show it, and my mother rarely took me to kiss me. That time, my mother took me for a long time, let me know that she loves me so much, afraid of losing me. It’s just that both of us hide our love and hide it without revealing it.

After growing up, I realized that she is important to me. Know that anyone in this world can abandon you, and your mother will always accept you with open arms and wait for you to go home.

When I was a sophomore, my boyfriend who fell in love for many years offered to break up. I always thought that happiness was at hand, but at this time I discovered that happiness is an unreachable thing. I was very painful in my heart. After breaking up, I didn’t tell my mother that I was alone.

She saw it, she was always sensitive. She asked, why didn’t he see him coming home recently? I pretended to say easily, he was busy. My mother took out the means of interrogation and step by step, not letting my lies export, I recruited.

Mom just took my hand and said nothing. During that time, she comforted me with the pain of losing love with love and tolerance. Give me something to eat; chat with me; buy me good clothes. That was the most intimate day with my mother after I was an adult.

Later, the boy asked for a compound. I know that according to her mother’s distinct personality, she can never accept this boy again, because he has hurt me, she will not forgive. Sure enough, my mother strongly opposed it. For me, I finally agreed to let him come back, and gave him a warm smile when he once again went to the door with sincerity and fear. Later, my mother completely accepted my lover, hurting him like a parent, only because this man is a daughter like, but also wants to be better to him, he can treat her daughter well. Poor parents in the world!

Slowly, I found out that my mother was actually a very gentle woman. It was just that the unfairness of the situation ruined her good mood. She had pity on her martial arts and she never used it. She is still embarrassed, but the language has become spring and rain, call, always listen to her patience, and prepare for me, and go for me, as long as it is what I need, she is ready to Forehead.

Many problems have to go through puberty, and they will understand when they jump out of the narrow circle. Maybe I am a mother and I will love my mother more. And I can only see myself in my dreams, holding my mother and kissing me, although I really want to think about it. I have a wish. When my mother is a little older, she will stare at her. Like a child, she will tell her that I love her very much and let her meet her.


May the world be peaceful, everyone who wants to pay attention to me can be happy every day.


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