Depressed men and women

A good version of the type

1-Do you still wear makeup for Halloween? It’s just a direct performance, a poor ghost!

2- the boys singled for a long time to see who is awkward, girls single long time to see who are slag men!

3-10 beautiful girls, half feel that they are not good-looking, the other half feel that they are not good-looking; 10 boys, half feel that they are handsome, the other half feel that they are handsome.

4-If you can’t find a good angle in your self-timer, then you must realize that you are better than the photo.

5- Why do women want to dry up this year? ! When a man marries a man, he will have two cars in two suites.

6- living conditions: every morning in the morning, frustrated, work to school, swearing, and screaming at night, and in the middle of the night they said that they cultivated immortals.

7- like to be unable to hide, hold your mouth and run out of the wallet, drawn out of the bank card.

8-In this world, don’t rely too much on others, because even your shadow will leave you in the dark.


May the world be peaceful, everyone who wants to pay attention to me can be happy every day.


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