Forever lover

Wu Songtao originally operated a small hotel, but he lost his money because of poor management. Wu Songtao had to put a small stall near the train station to make a living by rubbing shoes for pedestrians.

On this day, Wu Songtao was counting down the coins in the iron box, and a woman stood in front of him. Wu Songtao did not raise his head and said: “Two dollars for shoes, not black, no money." However, the woman did not sit down and wipe the shoes, and did not leave. Wu Songtao looked up and saw a woman in her arms holding a child under the age of one.

The woman asked: “Do you really know me?"

Wu Songtao took a closer look and was embarrassed. She turned out to be Cher!

Cher pointed at the child and said, “This is your daughter. I can’t let my child have no father since he was a child."

It turned out that Cher was a waiter at Wu Songtao Hotel. Cher is beautiful, Wu Songtao always wants to approach her, and Cher likes this young and handsome boss. He has a relationship with him. In fact, Wu Songtao wanted to play with Xue, and did not really want to ask her to be a wife. Wu Songtao worried that Xue would be entangled in himself and began to deliberately and eyebrows with other girls in the hotel. Cher couldn’t bear it, told Wu Songtao: “I am pregnant, you must be responsible to me." Wu Songtao took out two thousand dollars from his pocket and gave it to Cher: “Then you will kill the child, I will not Married to you." Cher’s tears ran down, tearing the money and smashing it on Wu Songtao’s face, crying and running out of the hotel. Since Cher’s departure, the hotel’s business is not as good as one day. Many shop assistants feel that Wu Songtao is ruthless and unscrupulous, and he does not work hard at work, and even takes the opportunity to chaos and fish. After half a year, the hotel closed down.

Wu Songtao told Cher that he is now unable to support their mother and daughter. Cher said that she does not have a picture of gold, but she has a home and can live safely and securely. Cher hugged her daughter Xiaoxue and followed Wu Songtao into the dilapidated house he rented.

Although Wu Songtao still went to the train station every day to clean the shoes, but with the care of Cher, his face became ruddy, and the clothes were much cleaner than before. Cher bought a sewing machine, found some odd jobs for processing clothes, and made money to subsidize the family.

Until this time, Wu Songtao felt the preciousness of Cher, and he regretted what he had done before. Wu Songtao asked Cher why he didn’t hate him. Cher said: “The past things have passed. As long as you are good to us, don’t drive us out of the house."

After listening to Cher, Wu Songtao’s heart was sour, I really wanted to take a few slaps. In order to repay Cher, Wu Songtao began to try his best to make money. He wanted to let Xue and his daughter live a good life. However, it is impossible to make money by polishing shoes. Cher told Wu Songtao that a garment factory had closed down and there was a lot of outdated clothes in the warehouse. “Those clothes are definitely cheaper. It’s better to buy them back. Then I process them at home. You can send them to the wholesale market and you can make money."

Wu Songtao came to the garment factory, and as Snow said, those backlogs were as cheap as white. Wu Songtao excitedly called a taxi and bought a lot of clothes to transport it home. Cher did not let Wu Songtao go to the train station to wipe the shoes, let him put a hand at home, she did not have to dismantle and process the clothes day and night. More than a month later, the pile of outdated clothes became a trendy, beautiful costume in the hands of Cher.

Wu Songtao sent the clothing to the wholesale market and sold it in just one day. Looking at the thick banknotes in his hand, Wu Songtao couldn’t help but burst into tears. When he walked home through the jewelry store, Wu Songtao did not hesitate to buy a beautiful diamond ring for Cher.

Back home, Wu Songtao put the diamond ring on the snow, and Xue suddenly burst into the arms of Wu Songtao and cried. This is the second time Wu Songtao has seen Cher’s tears, the first time when Cher left the hotel.

This evening, Wu Songtao and Xueer took their daughter to the restaurant to celebrate. In the lobby of the hotel, Wu Songtao turned magically and pulled out a rose from behind, in front of Cher in front of everyone: “Marry me, I will be good to you all my life, never change my heart." , never betrayal!" Cher took the tears with tears: “I finally waited for you."

Since finding a way to make money, Wu Songtao simply bought all the backlog of clothes in the garment factory. He found a workshop where Cher went to instruct the workers there to process the clothes, and he sold them at the wholesale market. After a few months, they made a lot of money, and Wu Songtao can finally turn over.

To celebrate the New Year, Wu Songtao wants to take Cher to take a wedding photo, and then go back to Cher’s hometown. His son-in-law does not even see the mother-in-law. Cher proposed to go to the “Fiber Hand Studio", Wu Songtao promised. In the photo studio, the photographer kept praising their family of three very happy. Wu Songtao knew in his heart that his happiness today is all brought by Xue.

A week later, Wu Songtao went to the photo studio to take photos, and was surprised to find that there was only his own image on the photo. Cher and Xiaoxue did not take photos. The studio manager told Wu Songtao that they didn’t know what was going on, and they kept apologizing, letting Wu Songtao lead his wife and daughter to make a photo again.

The frustrated Wu Songtao returned home with his own wedding photo. What shocked him was that Cher was so excited and full of face, and kept saying “It was really good." Wu Songtao was very puzzled, but because he was anxious to drive back to Xue’s hometown, he had to put the photos on the side for a while. Wu Songtao bought a lot of gifts, a family of three cars sitting for a day, finally arrived at the Cher’s home. Standing at the door of the house, Xue let Wu Songtao go advanced, she took Xiaoxue to the neighbors to string a door.

Although Wu Songtao felt a little bit wrong, he still took a lot of gifts into the Cher’s house. The door of the Cher’s house was open, but no one. When Wu Songtao walked into the living room, he suddenly stopped, and the large black and white photos of Cher were hung on the wall, surrounded by two black yarns.

A middle-aged woman came over and saw Wu Songtao and stunned. Wu Songtao was so shocked that he couldn’t speak, and pointed his finger at the photo of Cher on the wall. The middle-aged woman said, “Are you a former colleague of Cher? I am her mother."

Xue’s mother told Wu Songtao with tears. She was pregnant when she came back from work at the hotel three years ago, but no matter how the family persuaded her, she refused to kill the child. Because Cher is in a bad mood, eating a meal can lead to malnutrition, and it is difficult to give birth when she is born. She and her newly born daughter left the world…

The gift in Wu Songtao’s hand slipped to the ground and he walked out of the Cher’s house. Wu Songtao finally understood why he could not see the snow and snow on the wedding photos.

Wu Songtao, who was in tears, came home with a car, and Xue and Xiaoxue had returned. Cher prepared a table full of food, Wu Songtao rushed forward, holding Xue and Xiaoxue in his arms.

Cher asked Wu Songtao: “You know the situation of me and Xiaoxue now, will you still love us?"

Wu Songtao said with tears: “Love! I don’t care if you are a ghost, as long as we can be together forever."

At this time, the manager of the photo studio and the mother of Cher smiled and walked out of the back room. It turned out that all of this was arranged in advance by Xue. She was worried that Wu Songtao would pay for it after she had money, so she deliberately designed to test him.

After knowing the truth of the matter, Wu Songtao cried with a loud cry: “Almost scared me to death, if you are really dead, I will not live." Wu Songtao took a bottle of sleeping pills from his pocket. That was what he bought on his way home and was ready to commit suicide.

Who said that “a man becomes bad when he has money?" Wu Songtao vowed that in this life, he will not do anything to betray his wife and daughter. If you die, you must love and never separate.


May the world be peaceful, everyone who wants to pay attention to me can be happy every day.


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