Husband and wife high IQ dialogue

Chinese traditional wedding clothes

1– Walking with my wife at night, I saw a pair of lovers coming across, the girl was super-stunned, and the man’s super-frustration, I couldn’t help but bow down and sigh: “Hey, good cabbage has made the pig arch!”

The wife heard a slap in the back: “I don’t want to be a pig."

2–wife: “Husband, you said that the child went to kindergarten, I am going to find a job, you have to give me a bright road."

Husband: “Then go to sweep the land, sweep it there is the bright road."

3– very depressed to work, texting his wife: was trained by the leadership, want to kill.

Wife God replies: Go to the toilet and throw it away, you will kill hundreds of millions of people.

I said: Tiger poison does not eat.

Wife back: I let you throw it, and didn’t let you eat it. . .

4– I said to my wife: “Every time I lie in your arms and listen to your heartbeat, I feel crisp and sweet."

She pushed me away: “Oh, you want to say that I am a glass heart?"

I quickly explained: “You misunderstood, it doesn’t mean this."

She slowed down: “What is that?"

Me: “Because you are flat-chested, you can hear more clearly."


May the world be peaceful, everyone who wants to pay attention to me can be happy every day.


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