Man woman’s love point of view

Men’s love for love

First acquaintance: she is beautiful, like an angel.

When I am in love: She is the best girl in the world, I must marry her!

One year of marriage: My wife is not bad, it is a good helper, but there are some minor problems, and occasionally play with temper.

Five years of marriage: She has become more and more vulgar and more and more unreasonable.

Ten years of marriage: She is the ugliest, most inhuman and most unreasonable woman in the world. How could I marry her at first!

Twenty years of marriage: I don’t care about those shortcomings, she is too bad to remove her temper, she can barely tolerate.

Thirty years of marriage: Sometimes she also understands things reasonably, understands her feelings, and is very good at cooking.

40 years of marriage: my wife is really good, family is very good, inside and outside the top, the future must also marry her.

She passed away: So sad, I lost the best woman in the world.

Woman’s aftertaste of love

First acquaintance: he is stupid and staying, really a stupid boy!

When I am in love: He is too honest, but he is very obedient and pitiful. Will I marry him?

One year of marriage: He is not bad, knowing the book, and will be considerate, and a little charm.

After five years of marriage: I discovered that he is talented, extraordinary and extraordinary.

Ten years of marriage: He is the best person in the world. I really don’t know how to live without him!

Twenty years of marriage: He can be praised, and there are fewer and fewer places to show off. At best, he can only be regarded as a man.

Thirty years of marriage: his problems are growing, lazy, stupid, stubborn, and incompetent.

I have been married for forty years: I am a stupid old man who is stupid and stupid. I can’t marry him in my next life.

He passed away: this dead old man has killed me for a lifetime, and I left without leaving!


May the world be peaceful, everyone who wants to pay attention to me can be happy every day.


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