The idea of a couple divorcing

Some women are even elegant in divorce.
A newly divorced man talked about his ex-wife. He said that when we came out of the divorce bureau, I was crying. She is smiling. She told me that she waited for ten years for this day. The son’s ten years of hard work is her ten years of retreat.
She told him many times that she would divorce after the children finished the college entrance examination. He thought it was his wife’s momentary words, but he didn’t want his wife to say it was true. And since then, I have already planned for divorce.
He thought about his wife’s independence and gentleness over the past few years, and suddenly found out that he was self-righteous, but his wife did not want to care about him.
He used to hate his wife for his housework. Later, he didn’t know where he started, and his wife would not let him do it. He still felt very happy at the time. Women were like this. They were not used to her. She did not do housework herself.
Now think about it, at that time the wife has begun to give up her. She didn’t need him, so she did everything herself.
The wife probably had several years and didn’t give him money. In the past, when the child was small and his wife did not go to work, the wife would ask him for money every month. He remembered that time, he would be particularly annoyed by his wife to ask him for money. I earned that I spent a month at home. Every time his wife asks him for money, he will say, “You can’t spend less, what kind of air conditioners are bought in the living room. If the lock is broken, you can make use of it. What is the use of clothes for you to buy those clothes every day? Can’t you feel bad about me? Is it easy for a man to make a profit?"

He remembered that his wife would have refuted at first, and then he accepted it.
After the child went to elementary school, the wife went out to work. After that, she never gave him a penny. Their money has been completely separated since then. If the wife wants to buy something, buy it by himself. He wants to buy what he wants and buy it himself. He doesn’t know how much his wife earns in a month, and his wife won’t manage how much he earns in a month.
He remembers that for a while, his wife suddenly spent a lot of money. I bought a lot of clothes and good cosmetics for myself. He also blamed her at the time: “You can’t save some money, and the children will go to school in the future."
As a result, her wife looked back at him for the first time: “I make money myself, I don’t spend a penny, you can’t control me. When a child grows up, how much money do you give me, how much I am, more than you, No less than you."
He was paralyzed at the time. However, he did not pay attention to it, and he would not let the tube do not matter, as long as he did not ask him for money.
He only realized until now that his wife estimated that he would not need him economically.

No, the wife’s independence from those years, not only the economy, but also the spirit. She rarely quarreled with him at first. He said what he said. If she doesn’t want to hear it, she will hide in another room. At that time, he still felt that his wife had finally become gentle and gentle, but he didn’t want to be the wife who even quarreled with him and felt that it was unnecessary.
He thinks about his own years, really wants to do what to do, no matter what he does, his wife does not care. Once he didn’t go home one night, his wife didn’t make a call. At that time, he also laughed at the men who were urged by women, feeling that they were not capable and were strictly controlled by their wives.
Now think about it, the wife of the family has at least love, but his wife has long since loved him. He still feels proud and feels that this woman is finally quiet.
He further thought that the years when his wife was a child would not quarrel with him. Because she has taken care of everything about the child, and he is happy to leave nothing. At that time, he was still complacent about the fact that all the money in the cram school was from his wife. He was still smug and thought: “Flower, raise a child for me, I don’t have to spend money to report it."

For ten years, the wife earned her own money, brought her own baby, and cooked all her housework. Even the wife’s parents had anything to do, and the wife had never asked for help. He used to be complacent about these things and thought that his wife should be like this.
He even felt that his wife had troubled him and he felt that his wife was annoyed. He does not want to take care of his wife, as long as his wife still provides services to him, does not give him money, and he does not care what his wife does.
Another time his wife was sick and his wife called him first. He clearly remembered what he said at the time: “You have no one in your house, you don’t have money, look for me."
The wife hung up the phone without saying anything. Later, his wife was fine. He was a little embarrassed. He thought his wife would cry, but his wife had never happened. He thinks that his wife is no different. He really doesn’t care about her, she can’t do anything.
He never thought that such a “safe" wife could be so determined when he divorced him.

Is that determined that she learned in a long marriage?
Just like the wife once said: “You have not been my husband, but my son’s father."
So, she endured for ten years, prepared for ten years, and waited until the child took the college entrance examination. When the child was older, she completely left herself.
Think about it, he really has nothing to be worthy of his wife. Because, in this marriage, he can’t find out himself, what he has given his wife. Only one child is their only involvement.
From the divorce bureau, he is crying. Because he doesn’t dare to think about the future, he will cook his own clothes in the future, he has to sort out his housework, and he has to face everything himself. He has not been able to drink the nutritious soup of his wife in this life.
The wife is laughing, and marriage to her has no benefit. After the divorce, the wife is only taking care of a bad-tempered person.

Men don’t wait until their children grow up before they know how to cherish their wives.
When a child is a child, you feel that this woman will not leave you. As long as you don’t make a big mistake, this woman will endure you and support you for the sake of the child.
Even if you naively think, your wife needs to be tempted. Too good for her, she will get worse. She will be honest with her.
You are not strong when she is raising a child, bullying her, abandoning her, looking down on her, never giving her a little love.
You look at her love of the child, do not want to let the child grow up in an incomplete family, ignore her, cold violence, and even just treat her as a free babysitter.
You think she will always be so weak and bully.
But I don’t want to, she didn’t have a choice at the time. When she has accumulated enough strength, when she is strong enough, when the child has grown up, she will not hesitate to leave you.
Because, a man who doesn’t love himself, if there is nothing for the child, there is nothing to be attached to.
For the rest of my life, I am living too tired with you.
For the rest of my life, without you, how happy I am.


May the world be peaceful, everyone who wants to pay attention to me can be happy every day.


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