Facial weight loss

You want to know if there are any diets that are specifically face-lifting. Just use diet to achieve facial fat burning and reduce facial edema. There are many micro-vessels on the face. Most facial edema is caused by edema caused by blood circulation problems. Therefore, food should also mainly choose the type that promotes blood circulation and swelling. Xiaobian specially prepared face-lifting recipes for big-faced girls, using the simplest and living ingredients, making the production method easy and easy. Whether you are a fleshy face or a swollen face, or even a sagging face with loose skin, as long as you insist, the sexy and charming face of the melon will appear, and don’t hurry to learn.

Seven days face-lift recipe

Day 1-2: Melon + Corn

Although winter melon is also called water melon, its effect on edema and water is stronger than other melons. Winter melon is a kind of flat melon. It won’t get angry or too cold. It is completely fat-free and full of satiety. Therefore, it is also listed as one of the most beneficial ingredients for weight loss. The recipe is included.

The use of melon with corn is also to increase the fiber in the soup. Corn contains starch, but the proportion of fiber is much larger. Use melon with corn broth and add only a little salt. On the first and second day of face-lifting, instead of dinner, it can effectively remove excess water and toxins from the blood. It is best for face-lifting.

Day 3-5: Celery + milk

On the third day of formal face-lifting, add celery to the recipe. Celery is a less popular vegetable, but it is rich in a variety of essential amino acids and vitamins, which can diuresis, detoxification, and help improve gastrointestinal health. At the same time, celery is rich in plant fiber, which is also the key to firming the skin.

Remove the leaves with fresh celery and cut into small pieces. Sprinkle with boiling water. If you like to eat soft taste, you can cook it for a little longer. After cooking, you can eat it without adding any condiments. This can increase the chewing effect and exercise your facial muscles. At the same time with a cup of fresh milk as a substitute for breakfast, from the third day to the fifth day, the face-lift effect began to appear.

Day 6-7: Natto + Honey

At this point you must find that your face is slimming down, so the last two days will be to consolidate the results of the previous few days. Natto is one of the favorite foods of Japanese women. Natto is obtained from the fermentation of soybeans by natto. It is not only rich in water, crude fiber, crude protein, but also the enzyme in natto can help people accelerate the burning of fat and break down. Excessive sterols in the blood.

In the last two days, the ingredients mixed with natto and honey are put into a soymilk machine to make a hot drink. Drinking three times a day for half an hour before meals can increase the satiety and reduce the calorie intake of the main food, while allowing the fiber in the natto. The absorption of the quality and crude protein is optimal, which makes the face-lifting effect better. 7-day face-lifting meal can last 3-5 cycles, you will be able to get the face that makes you most satisfied!


May the world be peaceful, everyone who wants to pay attention to me can be happy every day.



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