Facial weight loss

You want to know if there are any diets that are specifically face-lifting. Just use diet to achieve facial fat burning and reduce facial edema. There are many micro-vessels on the face. Most facial edema is caused by edema caused by blood circulation problems. Therefore, food should also mainly choose the type that promotes blood circulation and swelling. Xiaobian specially prepared face-lifting recipes for big-faced girls, using the simplest and living ingredients, making the production method easy and easy. Whether you are a fleshy face or a swollen face, or even a sagging face with loose skin, as long as you insist, the sexy and charming face of the melon will appear, and don’t hurry to learn.

Seven days face-lift recipe

Day 1-2: Melon + Corn

Although winter melon is also called water melon, its effect on edema and water is stronger than other melons. Winter melon is a kind of flat melon. It won’t get angry or too cold. It is completely fat-free and full of satiety. Therefore, it is also listed as one of the most beneficial ingredients for weight loss. The recipe is included.

The use of melon with corn is also to increase the fiber in the soup. Corn contains starch, but the proportion of fiber is much larger. Use melon with corn broth and add only a little salt. On the first and second day of face-lifting, instead of dinner, it can effectively remove excess water and toxins from the blood. It is best for face-lifting.

Day 3-5: Celery + milk

On the third day of formal face-lifting, add celery to the recipe. Celery is a less popular vegetable, but it is rich in a variety of essential amino acids and vitamins, which can diuresis, detoxification, and help improve gastrointestinal health. At the same time, celery is rich in plant fiber, which is also the key to firming the skin.

Remove the leaves with fresh celery and cut into small pieces. Sprinkle with boiling water. If you like to eat soft taste, you can cook it for a little longer. After cooking, you can eat it without adding any condiments. This can increase the chewing effect and exercise your facial muscles. At the same time with a cup of fresh milk as a substitute for breakfast, from the third day to the fifth day, the face-lift effect began to appear.

Day 6-7: Natto + Honey

At this point you must find that your face is slimming down, so the last two days will be to consolidate the results of the previous few days. Natto is one of the favorite foods of Japanese women. Natto is obtained from the fermentation of soybeans by natto. It is not only rich in water, crude fiber, crude protein, but also the enzyme in natto can help people accelerate the burning of fat and break down. Excessive sterols in the blood.

In the last two days, the ingredients mixed with natto and honey are put into a soymilk machine to make a hot drink. Drinking three times a day for half an hour before meals can increase the satiety and reduce the calorie intake of the main food, while allowing the fiber in the natto. The absorption of the quality and crude protein is optimal, which makes the face-lifting effect better. 7-day face-lifting meal can last 3-5 cycles, you will be able to get the face that makes you most satisfied!


China —— it is called Eastern Hawaii

Address: Wuzhizhou Island, Haishuwan Town, Sanya City, Hainan Province, China.
Wuzhizhou Island is located in Haitang Bay in the north of Sanya City, 2.7 km away from Houhai Village, Linwang Town, Sanya. It is opposite to Nanwan Monkey Island in the north, 30 km from downtown Sanya and 38 km from Sanya Phoenix International Airport. It is close to the Hainan East Line Expressway and has convenient transportation. The whole island is irregular butterfly-shaped, with an area of ​​1.48 square kilometers, 1500 meters long from east to west, and 1,100 meters wide from north to south. The coastline of Wuzhizhou Island is 5.7 kilometers long and the southern peak is 79.9 meters above sea level. As a tourist attraction in Hainan selected by middle and high-end tourists, Wuzhizhou Island integrates the richness and uniqueness of tourism resources in tropical islands.

The island’s beautiful natural scenery, a variety of holiday villas, wooden houses and bars, tennis courts, seafood restaurants and other facilities, and has carried out including diving, water skiing, motor boats, parasols, banana boats, flying fish boats More than 30 sea and beach entertainment projects, such as electric boats, dynamic airships, speedboats, beach motorcycles and beach volleyball, bring original, quiet, romantic and dynamic leisure experiences to tourists who come to visit and vacation.

There are more than 2,700 species of native plants in the east, south and west of the island. There are not only tall and tall trees, but also luxuriant shrubs, not only the singular flowers and trees that have been passed down from the dinosaur era. It is also the dragon’s blood tree, which is the oldest plant that has survived on the earth, and is known as the “Earth Plant Old Life Star". Tropical plants such as parasitic and strangulation can be seen everywhere. The stone cliffs in Linhai are steep and straight into the seabed. The central forests and meadows are undulating and green. The northern beach is calm and the sand is white and delicate, and the jade is natural.

The surrounding waters are clear and transparent, with seawater visibility of 6-27 meters. The waters are rich in luminous snails, sea cucumbers, lobsters, mackerel, sea urchins, squid and colorful tropical fish. The southern waters have well-protected coral reefs. The only island with no reefs or cobblestones is a good diving base in the country. Extremely far-sighted, the smoke is vast, the sea and sky are all the same.


Chinese Feng Shui — How to put the trash can in the house

The trash can is one of our must-have household items. It can be seen in every family. The trash can brings us a lot of convenience and also brings us some feng shui influence. The small trash can also contains a lot of feng shui effects. We also need to pay attention when using it. If it is used improperly, it will bring us bad influence.
You can put your trash can at home, don’t let this go, otherwise you will lose your fortune and you will lose money.

1—Avoid the northwest orientation of the living room where the trash can is placed. This position represents the position of the male owner in the home. If the garbage bin is placed on this side for a long time, it means that this member has nothing to do all the time, which is not conducive to the promotion of the employment. opportunity. It is also extremely unfavorable for the health of the male owner at home, and is prone to eye diseases and gastrointestinal diseases.

2—When placing the trash can, it should be placed in a relatively hidden position. The trash can will bring some suffocation on the Chinese feng shui. If the trash can can be placed in an invisible place, (Chinese Feng Shui) It is said that [invisible is not awkward], it will not form a suffocating gas. Or buy a beautiful trash can, it is far from clear that it is a trash can, it is a more secure way of decoration.

3—avoid putting garbage bins near the bed, the bed is where we charge and rest. Although the trash can is able to hide the mildew, but there is no airtight wall, the mildew will be scattered a little bit, if it is normal life, it will be considered, unless we are bad luck will be affected. However, sleep is different, and our resistance will also decline. At this time, suffocation has the opportunity to influence us, not to say anything else, so that we have nightmares, insomnia, and embarrassment when we sleep.


Method of giving birth to twins

Country: China—-Located on the Tropic of Cancer, Mojiang County is located in Pu’er City, Yunnan Province. It is an important stop on the tourist route in Yunnan, and the only way to Pu’er and Xishuangbanna. Known as the “Home of Hani, the City of Return, the House of Twins". Mojiang is famous for its “rich” twins. The reputation of “Double House” is not a name for itself. There are more than 1,200 pairs of twins in the county. The legendary “double wells” in the twin towns attract a large number of newlyweds every year to drink.

Address: Mojiang County, Pu’er City, Yunnan Province, China: Every year from May 1st to 3rd, the annual Mojiang Twins Festival is coming, this is the largest twin festival party in China. Thousands of twins from all over the world will gather in the famous Yunnan tourist attraction, the Mojiang Twin Towns, to share their own festivals and show their talents through various performances. During the festival, Mojiang Manchu Street is full of twins and triplets, and you will be dizzy by these twins and triplets.
The main activities of the Mojiang International Twins Festival are: Twins Gala, Gemini Talent Competition, Thousands of Twins Parade, Hani Touching Your Black Carnival, Hani Long Street Banquet, Twin Friendship, Twins, and Hani Secret Wedding on the Tropic of Cancer , Hani folk activities and so on.

Legend: Drinking the water from these two wells will give birth to twins!

There are as many as a thousand pairs of twins that have been counted. There is such a saying in the local area that the well water that often drinks the two wells in the village will produce twins, so there are many tourists who come here every day to get water and tourists.
It is understood that the total number of villages in Hexi Village in the southwest of the county is 131, with a resident population of more than 500, and there are more than ten pairs of twins in the village. The wells in the village have been around for hundreds of years. Maintain the water needed for local people to live and produce.
The two wells here are also called Yinjing and Yangjing respectively. They say that they want to have a girl to drink the water in the Yinjing. If they want to have a boy, they will drink the water from the Yangjing. If they want to have twins, Drink the water in the two wells together!
A villager said that after the development of tourism, the popularity of the two wells has been rising, and now these two wells are already an attraction. Many tourists come to Mojiang for the simple purpose of drinking double water, and even some newlyweds come to Mojiang to live. Some tourists joked and said that they drank back to give birth to twins.
Experts have over-sampled and tested the well water. The indicators tested are in line with the national drinking water standards. They only contain more calcium and have no special substances. Some experts said that the incidence of local twins is high, mainly due to the unique geographical environment, biodiversity and ecological reasons of Mojiang, but this does not prove that twins are related to drinking well water. Still have to believe in the power of science!
I don’t know how you see this “well water" problem?


Man woman’s love point of view

Men’s love for love

First acquaintance: she is beautiful, like an angel.

When I am in love: She is the best girl in the world, I must marry her!

One year of marriage: My wife is not bad, it is a good helper, but there are some minor problems, and occasionally play with temper.

Five years of marriage: She has become more and more vulgar and more and more unreasonable.

Ten years of marriage: She is the ugliest, most inhuman and most unreasonable woman in the world. How could I marry her at first!

Twenty years of marriage: I don’t care about those shortcomings, she is too bad to remove her temper, she can barely tolerate.

Thirty years of marriage: Sometimes she also understands things reasonably, understands her feelings, and is very good at cooking.

40 years of marriage: my wife is really good, family is very good, inside and outside the top, the future must also marry her.

She passed away: So sad, I lost the best woman in the world.

Woman’s aftertaste of love

First acquaintance: he is stupid and staying, really a stupid boy!

When I am in love: He is too honest, but he is very obedient and pitiful. Will I marry him?

One year of marriage: He is not bad, knowing the book, and will be considerate, and a little charm.

After five years of marriage: I discovered that he is talented, extraordinary and extraordinary.

Ten years of marriage: He is the best person in the world. I really don’t know how to live without him!

Twenty years of marriage: He can be praised, and there are fewer and fewer places to show off. At best, he can only be regarded as a man.

Thirty years of marriage: his problems are growing, lazy, stupid, stubborn, and incompetent.

I have been married for forty years: I am a stupid old man who is stupid and stupid. I can’t marry him in my next life.

He passed away: this dead old man has killed me for a lifetime, and I left without leaving!


The Venetian Macao

The Venetian Macao

The resort is owned and operated by Venetian Macao and is built in accordance with the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, USA. The hotel is themed around the Venetian waters, and the hotel is full of Venetian arches, small canals and stone roads. Since the concept of the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel originated from the Venetian Resort Las Vegas, it has been regarded as a replica of the latter.

Introduction to Attractions:
The Venetian Macao is a world-renowned integrated resort hotel and is hailed as “the best luxury resort in the world”. With 3,000 luxury hotel suites, more than 350 international boutiques, and the Royal Indian Restaurant, which is selected as a Michelin-starred gourmet restaurant, the unique street performances are amazing, and of course the not to be missed Gondola On a trip, the canoeing canal feels the romantic atmosphere of Venice.

Venetian Venetian Gondola Tickets..
You can take a boat trip on the San Luca Canal, the Marco Polo Canal and the Grand Canal with the exquisitely crafted Venetian boats. The elegant and beautiful singing of the boatman will make this journey even more perfect. You can also order personalized Gondola photos here, forever this romantic memory!

The third floor is a paradise:
1–Adventure Q Cube – Children’s Zone Location: Via the Venetian Macao South Wing Suite elevator to the fifth floor or via the St. Luca Canal Grand Canal Shopping Center (third floor) via stairs.
2–Adventure Q Cube 2 Location: Shop 2112a, 2nd Floor, Sands Cotai Central Shopping Center (next to Martha Shop).
3–Q Cube Kingdom Location: 6th Floor, Paris, Macau.

[Q Cube Kingdom]
The Q Cube Kingdom has more than 20,000 square feet (1,858 square meters) of indoor and outdoor space, full of climbing space capsules, slides, carousels and other rides, whether children or children can enjoy it! At the same time, you can accompany your child to enjoy happy hours!
The Venetian Macao – Xi Yue Restaurant
【Restaurant Introduction】
A restaurant that refines authentic Italian cuisine with traditional family techniques. The Venetian Macao® is full of new experiences. The restaurant is stylishly designed and serves authentic classic Italian cuisine. There is also an outdoor alfresco dining area that offers a panoramic view of the pool.


Natural weight loss method

Some people think that weight loss is a process that requires a long time to persist. Therefore, weight loss is a process that tests people’s perseverance. Many people give up losing weight because they cannot eat weight loss. We not only only pay attention to weight loss, but also need to pay attention to whether weight loss will have a certain impact on health, and these four measures of weight loss are effective, and are conducive to good health.

Which four weight loss tricks work well?

First, lose one kilogram per week

Nowadays, many people know that some advertisements for fast weight loss are the process of quickly dehydrating obese people. In fact, severe dehydration is very harmful to health. If it is a healthy weight loss, it should be to reduce the body’s fat, not just the pursuit of weight loss. Therefore, it can be seen that the advertisement of five kilograms per week is a bit exaggerated. Even if someone can do this, it is very dangerous.

Second, a reasonable diet plus exercise

Even if we really want to lose weight, the calorie intake per day should not be less than 1,200 kcal. It is necessary to maintain an adequate intake of carbohydrates, protein and low fat in the body in order to maintain the body’s basal metabolism. Therefore, calories that reduce your diet are not necessarily a small amount of food, but rather foods that are low in calories. Cooking methods should eat some steamed food, or boiled. Avoid cooking with oil and frying, fat-containing oily foods.

Third, adhere to the good habit of developing exercise

There is no way to lose weight when you lose weight. If you want to lose weight through short-term strenuous exercise, the effect is harmful, and it is not good for your health. Long-term relaxation exercise is more effective in consuming body fat, and dieting can greatly reduce calorie intake. But if you want to continue to lose weight, exercise is essential. If you want to lose weight easily, don’t go hungry, enjoy a slimming life, and then you can only exercise for a long time.

Fourth, do physical examination before exercise

Obese athletes should have a cardiopulmonary function test before exercise. At the same time, blood and urine should be checked. Then look at the presence of diabetes and heart disease, high blood pressure or kidney disease, and avoid high-intensity exercise. Therefore, after the physical examination, you can ask a professional coach to help develop a scientific and effective fitness program based on your physical condition.

Losing weight is a gradual process. Don’t believe too much about fake and fake advertising. If you only want to lose weight without actually losing body fat, then the harm to health is very big. Therefore, effective weight loss requires a combination of good eating habits and aerobic exercise.


Husband and wife high IQ dialogue

Chinese traditional wedding clothes

1– Walking with my wife at night, I saw a pair of lovers coming across, the girl was super-stunned, and the man’s super-frustration, I couldn’t help but bow down and sigh: “Hey, good cabbage has made the pig arch!”

The wife heard a slap in the back: “I don’t want to be a pig."

2–wife: “Husband, you said that the child went to kindergarten, I am going to find a job, you have to give me a bright road."

Husband: “Then go to sweep the land, sweep it there is the bright road."

3– very depressed to work, texting his wife: was trained by the leadership, want to kill.

Wife God replies: Go to the toilet and throw it away, you will kill hundreds of millions of people.

I said: Tiger poison does not eat.

Wife back: I let you throw it, and didn’t let you eat it. . .

4– I said to my wife: “Every time I lie in your arms and listen to your heartbeat, I feel crisp and sweet."

She pushed me away: “Oh, you want to say that I am a glass heart?"

I quickly explained: “You misunderstood, it doesn’t mean this."

She slowed down: “What is that?"

Me: “Because you are flat-chested, you can hear more clearly."


The idea of a couple divorcing

Some women are even elegant in divorce.
A newly divorced man talked about his ex-wife. He said that when we came out of the divorce bureau, I was crying. She is smiling. She told me that she waited for ten years for this day. The son’s ten years of hard work is her ten years of retreat.
She told him many times that she would divorce after the children finished the college entrance examination. He thought it was his wife’s momentary words, but he didn’t want his wife to say it was true. And since then, I have already planned for divorce.
He thought about his wife’s independence and gentleness over the past few years, and suddenly found out that he was self-righteous, but his wife did not want to care about him.
He used to hate his wife for his housework. Later, he didn’t know where he started, and his wife would not let him do it. He still felt very happy at the time. Women were like this. They were not used to her. She did not do housework herself.
Now think about it, at that time the wife has begun to give up her. She didn’t need him, so she did everything herself.
The wife probably had several years and didn’t give him money. In the past, when the child was small and his wife did not go to work, the wife would ask him for money every month. He remembered that time, he would be particularly annoyed by his wife to ask him for money. I earned that I spent a month at home. Every time his wife asks him for money, he will say, “You can’t spend less, what kind of air conditioners are bought in the living room. If the lock is broken, you can make use of it. What is the use of clothes for you to buy those clothes every day? Can’t you feel bad about me? Is it easy for a man to make a profit?"

He remembered that his wife would have refuted at first, and then he accepted it.
After the child went to elementary school, the wife went out to work. After that, she never gave him a penny. Their money has been completely separated since then. If the wife wants to buy something, buy it by himself. He wants to buy what he wants and buy it himself. He doesn’t know how much his wife earns in a month, and his wife won’t manage how much he earns in a month.
He remembers that for a while, his wife suddenly spent a lot of money. I bought a lot of clothes and good cosmetics for myself. He also blamed her at the time: “You can’t save some money, and the children will go to school in the future."
As a result, her wife looked back at him for the first time: “I make money myself, I don’t spend a penny, you can’t control me. When a child grows up, how much money do you give me, how much I am, more than you, No less than you."
He was paralyzed at the time. However, he did not pay attention to it, and he would not let the tube do not matter, as long as he did not ask him for money.
He only realized until now that his wife estimated that he would not need him economically.

No, the wife’s independence from those years, not only the economy, but also the spirit. She rarely quarreled with him at first. He said what he said. If she doesn’t want to hear it, she will hide in another room. At that time, he still felt that his wife had finally become gentle and gentle, but he didn’t want to be the wife who even quarreled with him and felt that it was unnecessary.
He thinks about his own years, really wants to do what to do, no matter what he does, his wife does not care. Once he didn’t go home one night, his wife didn’t make a call. At that time, he also laughed at the men who were urged by women, feeling that they were not capable and were strictly controlled by their wives.
Now think about it, the wife of the family has at least love, but his wife has long since loved him. He still feels proud and feels that this woman is finally quiet.
He further thought that the years when his wife was a child would not quarrel with him. Because she has taken care of everything about the child, and he is happy to leave nothing. At that time, he was still complacent about the fact that all the money in the cram school was from his wife. He was still smug and thought: “Flower, raise a child for me, I don’t have to spend money to report it."

For ten years, the wife earned her own money, brought her own baby, and cooked all her housework. Even the wife’s parents had anything to do, and the wife had never asked for help. He used to be complacent about these things and thought that his wife should be like this.
He even felt that his wife had troubled him and he felt that his wife was annoyed. He does not want to take care of his wife, as long as his wife still provides services to him, does not give him money, and he does not care what his wife does.
Another time his wife was sick and his wife called him first. He clearly remembered what he said at the time: “You have no one in your house, you don’t have money, look for me."
The wife hung up the phone without saying anything. Later, his wife was fine. He was a little embarrassed. He thought his wife would cry, but his wife had never happened. He thinks that his wife is no different. He really doesn’t care about her, she can’t do anything.
He never thought that such a “safe" wife could be so determined when he divorced him.

Is that determined that she learned in a long marriage?
Just like the wife once said: “You have not been my husband, but my son’s father."
So, she endured for ten years, prepared for ten years, and waited until the child took the college entrance examination. When the child was older, she completely left herself.
Think about it, he really has nothing to be worthy of his wife. Because, in this marriage, he can’t find out himself, what he has given his wife. Only one child is their only involvement.
From the divorce bureau, he is crying. Because he doesn’t dare to think about the future, he will cook his own clothes in the future, he has to sort out his housework, and he has to face everything himself. He has not been able to drink the nutritious soup of his wife in this life.
The wife is laughing, and marriage to her has no benefit. After the divorce, the wife is only taking care of a bad-tempered person.

Men don’t wait until their children grow up before they know how to cherish their wives.
When a child is a child, you feel that this woman will not leave you. As long as you don’t make a big mistake, this woman will endure you and support you for the sake of the child.
Even if you naively think, your wife needs to be tempted. Too good for her, she will get worse. She will be honest with her.
You are not strong when she is raising a child, bullying her, abandoning her, looking down on her, never giving her a little love.
You look at her love of the child, do not want to let the child grow up in an incomplete family, ignore her, cold violence, and even just treat her as a free babysitter.
You think she will always be so weak and bully.
But I don’t want to, she didn’t have a choice at the time. When she has accumulated enough strength, when she is strong enough, when the child has grown up, she will not hesitate to leave you.
Because, a man who doesn’t love himself, if there is nothing for the child, there is nothing to be attached to.
For the rest of my life, I am living too tired with you.
For the rest of my life, without you, how happy I am.

Simple fast weight loss soup

Ingredients: 250 grams of pork lean meat, salt in the right amount, bitter gourd 400 grams


  1. Cut the bitter gourd into pieces, and cut the lean meat into pieces.
  2. After boiling in the pot, boil the bitter gourd for about 20 minutes.
  3. You can add beef pieces and cook together, add a little salt, and bring the beef to cook.

Efficacy: It has the effect of eliminating heat and dispelling heat, and bitter gourd has the effect of removing fat.


20 healthy weight loss vegetable juices

1—celery juice

Ingredients: 50 grams of celery and 100 grams of mineral water.

Practice: first wash the celery, then cut into sections, and pour water into the blender to complete.

Efficacy: Celery can not only help you lose weight, but also supplement your body’s lack of vitamins! 20 ways to lose weight vegetable juice Step 1

2—cucumber juice

Ingredients: Cucumber, one bottle of mineral water, 30ml of milk

Practice: First, the cucumber is peeled and cut into pieces, and then the mineral water, milk and cucumber are poured into the blender to complete.

Efficacy: heat and detoxification, weight loss and slimming. 20 ways to lose weight vegetable juice Step 2

3—tomato juice

Material: a cup of yogurt, a tomato.

Practice: After the tomato is washed, boil it with boiling water and peel it. Then put in a blender, preferably add yogurt.

Efficacy, improve constipation, eliminate fat and diuresis. 20 ways to lose weight vegetable juice Step 3

4—corn juice

Material: one sweet corn, one bottle of mineral water

Practice: peel off the corn kernels, add mineral water after cooking, and juice.

Efficacy: cellulite to lose weight. 20 ways to lose weight vegetable juice Step 4

5— carrot juice

Ingredients: The amount of carrots, a bottle of mineral water.

Practice: Carrots are peeled and cut into pieces, then the mineral water and carrots are poured into a blender to stir.

Efficacy: Carrot can not only increase appetite, vitamins, but also slimming down! 20 ways to lose weight vegetable juice Step 5
Add 15 kinds of slimming vegetable juices

6—carrot + apple + honey

= suitable for children, poor eyesight, chronic diseases, middle-aged men, women, etc. It has the ability to enhance resistance, improve skin roughness, prevent eye diseases, cancer, and chronic diseases; strengthen bones and protect teeth.

7—Papaya + Honey + Orange Juice

= suitable for lack of physical strength, indigestion, constipation, weak stomach.

8—celery + tomato + honey

= suitable for men, chronic patients, women, workers with fatigue. It can prevent hardening of the arteries, relieve trouble, help sleep, prevent cancer, strengthen the stomach, strengthen the stomach; improve allergies.

9—tomato + celery + lemon juice = lose weight.

10–celery + lettuce + pineapple + apple + lemon + honey

= suitable for women, men, lack of energy, day and night workers to drink. Prevent freckles, sun, and rough skin with good cosmetic effects; enhance energy, calm nerves, and be effective for insomnia.

11—Cucumber + Lemon + Orange + Carrot + Honey

= Beauty, which makes the skin soft and smooth. Note: Cucumbers and carrots are rich in vitamin C biochemical enzymes and should be added last.

12–Orange + Carrot

= Beauty removes spots and lowers cholesterol. Note: It is best to separate the juice and drink it.

13–west grapefruit + pineapple + apple + lemon + honey

= suitable for skin care after sunburn.

14–celery + carrot + apple

= prevent and stabilize high blood pressure and hardening of the arteries. Note: It is best to separate the juice and drink it.

15–watermelon + cucumber + honey + lemon

= diuretic antipyretic, clean blood, regulate body function, suitable for people with poor kidney function and easy edema. Note: The cucumber is finally placed.

16–kiwifruit + apple + mint leaves

= nourish the skin, moisturize and whiten, reduce wrinkles.

17–kiwifruit + carrot + apple + honey + lemon

= supply brain and nerve vitality; prevent anemia, eye disease, asthma, diabetes; purify the blood, beautify the skin; help hair development. Note: The carrots are finally placed.

18–celery + honey

= clearing heat and detoxification, nourishing the liver and nourishing yin, lowering blood pressure.

19–celery + watermelon + honey

= strong heart, diuretic, swelling; eliminate fatigue, help digestion; prevent pulse hardening, high blood pressure.

20–Lianhuan + Watermelon

= prevent dry throat, thirst, dry cough, dry skin, dry hair, constipation and other symptoms.

Teach you how to buy a lucky house

One – the house does not see light

What is a house that doesn’t see light? The house that does not see the light is that even if the sun is very large during the day, the room will never receive the sunlight. If this happens, the yin in the house will be aggravated. If the sun is not seen, the yin will increase the mood. It has always been in a low state, sometimes it will lose its temper, and there will be conflicts between the husband and wife, and another major influence will affect the financial road.

Second–right high left low house

Speaking on the wind, Zuo Qinglong, right white tiger. If there is a particularly tall house on the right side of the house where you live, then you should consider your health problems, living in such a house, first, unfavorable, and second, unhealthy. If you are lucky before living in this room, your luck will be even worse after you live in it. A house like this must be resolved very early, otherwise it is very unfavorable.

Three – bathroom or kitchen with the door

There is an old saying that is good, and the water can’t stay. Like the bathroom or the kitchen facing the door, it forms a pattern of “water supply” and “water”. It is unfavorable. The center is not suitable for pollution. This means that the central part of the house should not be used as a toilet. At the same time, the toilet should not be located in the center of the second half of the house. It is just in line with the main entrance, because it is likely to cause damage.

Four–on the balcony facing the gate or the kitchen

If the balcony is facing the door or the kitchen, it will make the reunion function in the home weaken. The husband is easy to have an affair, the wife will be out of the wall, and the child will not go home. The curtains can be pulled up for a long time to block. The location of the entrance door does not face the balcony. This forms the so-called “wearing heart". It is not easy to gather wealth at home, and there are financial problems. After the pass and pass, people and money are empty. Solution: Make a porch cabinet between the gate and the balcony, and place a fish tank at the entrance of the gate (you can’t put the fish tank in the water, you can replace it with a screen).

Five – seeing the kitchen toilet at the entrance, it is a bad house

In most houses, upon entrance is the living hall. Modern architectural design, sometimes in order to consider the configuration of the space, often enters the kitchen, restaurant or bathroom. This is a taboo for Yangzhai, and it is not common sense. If you live in it, your family will decline.

Six–the room door cannot face the other door

If you are confused about the bedroom door, you can’t face the door, otherwise you will be tempted to confuse the occupants.

Seven–the living room is in the middle of the house

In general, if the living room or living room is located in the middle of the whole house, this is a good example of a good luck.

Eight– irregular house can not be used as kitchen

Irregular houses, such as those used in kitchens, can affect the health of the family. Irregular houses can only be used for storage.
Nine–there are stone pillars that affect the mood and health

The most terrible stone pillars are on the bed, on the desk and on the table. If it is unavoidable, it is also necessary to design the ceiling to block it. Otherwise, it will affect the mood and health of the residents, and the career will be blocked.
Ten– Irregular houses should not be used as bedrooms

Irregular rooms are not available as a couple’s master bedroom, otherwise it will result in long-term infertility.

The above is a summary of some of the Feng Shui knowledge of the house, perhaps this is only part of the house Feng Shui. Before you look at the house, you must know more about the feng shui of the house so that you can buy a house with great luck when you look at the house.

Can I hold you? —Mom

I wrote a lot of family stories, but I rarely write moms.

Mainly not easy to write. Dad is born with ease, no matter what jokes I make him, he can laugh. Mom can’t, she is a very serious person. She is also very strict with me, and as long as there is a place where my mother is, I am very restrained.

When I was adolescent, I collided with her very much. At that time, the two of us were as red-eyed as the cock of the fight. My mother’s character is staunch, everything is going to follow her wishes, and my temper is also violent, always like to squat with her, often a word of disagreement, the two have not spoken for a long time.

I have always believed that my early love was entirely caused by her oppression. I feel that she doesn’t love me. I dream that there is a man who loves me tenderly. Mom can’t forgive my early love, she thinks that not only delays learning, but also makes the family shameful, and yells at me. In the face of her scolding, I reluctantly chose to run away from home. On the morning of the first day of the year, I took a few oceans and an ID card in my pocket, and I fled the house. There wasn’t a store on the street to open the door, and the crowds were bright and beaming, but I was alone.

A few days later, during the hunger, I was still cheeky and went back. For me, the desire to survive has far exceeded self-esteem. Before entering the door, I was ready to meet her stormy bombing. Unexpectedly, as soon as I entered the door, she hugged me and cried, saying how stupid you are? Do you know that your mother is dying? This can’t be done in the future.

I couldn’t help but cry at that moment. Mom was busy eating hot meals for me; arranged for me to sleep, and when I woke up, she was lying on the bed and yelling at me and said, “Mom is not good, you have to forgive your mother. How are you so stupid? A girl Where can I go? What if I have a bad person? Are you not wanting a mother’s life?"

I rarely kiss my mother, and I rarely spoke. I have kept a certain distance from my parents since I was a child. Especially after having a younger brother, I took the initiative to move to the other side of the bed and let my brother sleep with my mother. When I was young, I saw my younger brother, and I went to kiss my mother. I was very envious. I hope that she will come and hug me. But I ended up being very self-disciplined, even if I loved her, I didn’t dare to show it, and my mother rarely took me to kiss me. That time, my mother took me for a long time, let me know that she loves me so much, afraid of losing me. It’s just that both of us hide our love and hide it without revealing it.

After growing up, I realized that she is important to me. Know that anyone in this world can abandon you, and your mother will always accept you with open arms and wait for you to go home.

When I was a sophomore, my boyfriend who fell in love for many years offered to break up. I always thought that happiness was at hand, but at this time I discovered that happiness is an unreachable thing. I was very painful in my heart. After breaking up, I didn’t tell my mother that I was alone.

She saw it, she was always sensitive. She asked, why didn’t he see him coming home recently? I pretended to say easily, he was busy. My mother took out the means of interrogation and step by step, not letting my lies export, I recruited.

Mom just took my hand and said nothing. During that time, she comforted me with the pain of losing love with love and tolerance. Give me something to eat; chat with me; buy me good clothes. That was the most intimate day with my mother after I was an adult.

Later, the boy asked for a compound. I know that according to her mother’s distinct personality, she can never accept this boy again, because he has hurt me, she will not forgive. Sure enough, my mother strongly opposed it. For me, I finally agreed to let him come back, and gave him a warm smile when he once again went to the door with sincerity and fear. Later, my mother completely accepted my lover, hurting him like a parent, only because this man is a daughter like, but also wants to be better to him, he can treat her daughter well. Poor parents in the world!

Slowly, I found out that my mother was actually a very gentle woman. It was just that the unfairness of the situation ruined her good mood. She had pity on her martial arts and she never used it. She is still embarrassed, but the language has become spring and rain, call, always listen to her patience, and prepare for me, and go for me, as long as it is what I need, she is ready to Forehead.

Many problems have to go through puberty, and they will understand when they jump out of the narrow circle. Maybe I am a mother and I will love my mother more. And I can only see myself in my dreams, holding my mother and kissing me, although I really want to think about it. I have a wish. When my mother is a little older, she will stare at her. Like a child, she will tell her that I love her very much and let her meet her.

7 ways to get the true heart of a man

1– understanding

A female stenographer, typing speed is very slow, and often mistakes, but not being fired by the boss. An important reason she was left behind was that her temper was particularly good, like a happy angel, making the entire office “sunny". As long as she is present, she can shield all the complaints, complaints and blames in the office.


A woman was busy taking care of her family all day long before she was married, but she always felt that she was lacking. One day, she found that she and her husband did not have a common hobby. She realized that she had neglected to accompany her husband. So, like her husband, she looked forward to every sporting event and marked the broadcast time on the TV. She and her husband enjoyed the game and no longer sat alone. In the process of accompanying her husband, she felt that she had more and more things to do.

3–Learn to listen

When a man is eager to speak, you sit quietly opposite him, it is not “listening." “Listening” is an active behavior, meaning interaction and communication. In addition to being careful, qualified “listeners" must actively participate and ask questions from time to time, especially valuable issues.

4–Adapt to his impulse

A man likes vacation very much. One afternoon he called his wife: “Dear, please pack your bags quickly. We will go to Bermuda for a holiday tomorrow." The smart wife immediately put the pajamas in the suitcase; the pet parrot was sent to the neighbors. Home fostering; calling friends and family to cancel various appointments. Early the next morning, the couple caught up with the morning liner and went to Bermuda. Many men are willing to act immediately if they have an idea. Therefore, as long as you adapt to the men’s emotional changes, or even impulsive, you can firmly grasp his heart.

5–Do not give orders

When some women are faced with the favorite men, they often ignore that they are women, and they are busy showing their talents. They can’t help but give orders to men. As a result, they regretfully lose their marriage. Until one day, these women began to admit defeat, and they were awakened. They began to change the way they do things. They let the man appreciate it with the attitude of “little woman" and finally “build into a positive result." When working, women should pay attention to efficiency and work diligently; in addition to work, learn to relax and let men feel that he is dating a woman rather than a diligent brain.

6–Be yourself

The basic principle of a mature life is to be “be yourself." Some women do not believe this, trying to make men fascinated or conquer men by changing their appearance, such as using brand-name cosmetics, wearing brand-name fashion, and often changing fashionable hairstyles. In fact, men are not so stupid, they will not evaluate the opposite sex according to their appearance. Mature women should tear off “packaging" early and show their true self to men:

7-Don’t look at yourself flat

If a woman always thinks that all men are enemies and thinks that they are victims of this world, it is difficult to establish friendship and intimacy with the opposite sex. Therefore, in order to establish a good relationship with the opposite sex including husband, we must first be proud of our female identity. Women must be happy to accept their gender, because this acceptance is not only a healthy attitude to life, but also a sign of mature women.