Man woman’s love point of view

Men’s love for love

First acquaintance: she is beautiful, like an angel.

When I am in love: She is the best girl in the world, I must marry her!

One year of marriage: My wife is not bad, it is a good helper, but there are some minor problems, and occasionally play with temper.

Five years of marriage: She has become more and more vulgar and more and more unreasonable.

Ten years of marriage: She is the ugliest, most inhuman and most unreasonable woman in the world. How could I marry her at first!

Twenty years of marriage: I don’t care about those shortcomings, she is too bad to remove her temper, she can barely tolerate.

Thirty years of marriage: Sometimes she also understands things reasonably, understands her feelings, and is very good at cooking.

40 years of marriage: my wife is really good, family is very good, inside and outside the top, the future must also marry her.

She passed away: So sad, I lost the best woman in the world.

Woman’s aftertaste of love

First acquaintance: he is stupid and staying, really a stupid boy!

When I am in love: He is too honest, but he is very obedient and pitiful. Will I marry him?

One year of marriage: He is not bad, knowing the book, and will be considerate, and a little charm.

After five years of marriage: I discovered that he is talented, extraordinary and extraordinary.

Ten years of marriage: He is the best person in the world. I really don’t know how to live without him!

Twenty years of marriage: He can be praised, and there are fewer and fewer places to show off. At best, he can only be regarded as a man.

Thirty years of marriage: his problems are growing, lazy, stupid, stubborn, and incompetent.

I have been married for forty years: I am a stupid old man who is stupid and stupid. I can’t marry him in my next life.

He passed away: this dead old man has killed me for a lifetime, and I left without leaving!

The Venetian Macao

The Venetian Macao

The resort is owned and operated by Venetian Macao and is built in accordance with the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, USA. The hotel is themed around the Venetian waters, and the hotel is full of Venetian arches, small canals and stone roads. Since the concept of the Venetian Macao Resort Hotel originated from the Venetian Resort Las Vegas, it has been regarded as a replica of the latter.

Introduction to Attractions:
The Venetian Macao is a world-renowned integrated resort hotel and is hailed as “the best luxury resort in the world”. With 3,000 luxury hotel suites, more than 350 international boutiques, and the Royal Indian Restaurant, which is selected as a Michelin-starred gourmet restaurant, the unique street performances are amazing, and of course the not to be missed Gondola On a trip, the canoeing canal feels the romantic atmosphere of Venice.

Venetian Venetian Gondola Tickets..
You can take a boat trip on the San Luca Canal, the Marco Polo Canal and the Grand Canal with the exquisitely crafted Venetian boats. The elegant and beautiful singing of the boatman will make this journey even more perfect. You can also order personalized Gondola photos here, forever this romantic memory!

The third floor is a paradise:
1–Adventure Q Cube – Children’s Zone Location: Via the Venetian Macao South Wing Suite elevator to the fifth floor or via the St. Luca Canal Grand Canal Shopping Center (third floor) via stairs.
2–Adventure Q Cube 2 Location: Shop 2112a, 2nd Floor, Sands Cotai Central Shopping Center (next to Martha Shop).
3–Q Cube Kingdom Location: 6th Floor, Paris, Macau.

[Q Cube Kingdom]
The Q Cube Kingdom has more than 20,000 square feet (1,858 square meters) of indoor and outdoor space, full of climbing space capsules, slides, carousels and other rides, whether children or children can enjoy it! At the same time, you can accompany your child to enjoy happy hours!
The Venetian Macao – Xi Yue Restaurant
【Restaurant Introduction】
A restaurant that refines authentic Italian cuisine with traditional family techniques. The Venetian Macao® is full of new experiences. The restaurant is stylishly designed and serves authentic classic Italian cuisine. There is also an outdoor alfresco dining area that offers a panoramic view of the pool.

Guangzhou Tower

Canton Tower

Guangzhou Tower (English: Canton Tower), also known as Guangzhou New TV Tower, nicknamed the small waist, called the twisted wood or syringe, located in the ground near the Chigang Tower in Yizhou, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, with an elevation of 600 meters, from the south bank of the Pearl River. 125 meters, facing Haixinsha Island and Zhujiang New Town across the river. It is a radio tower with sightseeing, tourism, radio and television broadcasting, cultural entertainment and urban window functions. It provides broadcasting services for the 16th Asian Games held in Guangzhou in 2010.

The highest horizontal Ferris wheel

The Guangzhou Tower was constructed by Shanghai Construction Engineering Group and completed in September 2009. It was officially opened to the public on October 1, 2010. After the completion of the Guangzhou Tower, the overall height reached 610 meters (after cutting the antenna 10 meters), including 454 meters of tower body and 146 meters of antenna mast, which became the new landmark of Guangzhou. However, this height was surpassed on March 1, 2012 by the world’s tallest tower in the Tokyo Skytree (634 meters). In addition, Guangzhou Tower is 228 meters shorter than the Burj Khalifa (828 meters), the world’s tallest building in 2010.

The longest skywalking ladder

The entire tower has the following functional areas:
450m tower top platform, tower top sightseeing ball cabin, tower top downhill seat, laser light.
Look at the Pearl River from the top of the tower
G–functional section (450m): The laser light locks different colors every day. The public only needs to look at the spire to know that today is the day of the week.
F–functional section (428 meters to 433.2 meters): mainly for indoor sightseeing halls.
E–function section (407.2 meters to 422.8 meters): Rotate the restaurant.
D–functional section (334m to 355m): mainly high altitude tea room.
C–functional section (147m to 168m): mainly for tourist viewing area and leisure area.
B–functional section (84m to 116m): special effects film and high-tech amusement hall.
A–functional section (-5m to 32m): mainly for tourist halls, ceremonial halls, tourist malls, multi-purpose halls and parking lots.

The highest revolving restaurant

The longest skywalking ladder: The Spider-Man Plank Road is located between 168m and 334.4m. The 1088-level ladder spirals upwards around the core of the tower and is about 1000m long. It is the longest skywalk in the world;
The highest revolving restaurant: the 424-meter-high restaurant seats up to 400 people.
The highest 4D theater;
The highest open-air observation deck: 450 meters high, 54 meters x 40 meters, half of the football field;
The highest horizontal Ferris wheel: On the outside of the 450-meter open-air viewing platform, a horizontal Ferris wheel is added to take a panoramic view of Guangzhou from the Ferris wheel.

Forever lover

Wu Songtao originally operated a small hotel, but he lost his money because of poor management. Wu Songtao had to put a small stall near the train station to make a living by rubbing shoes for pedestrians.

On this day, Wu Songtao was counting down the coins in the iron box, and a woman stood in front of him. Wu Songtao did not raise his head and said: “Two dollars for shoes, not black, no money." However, the woman did not sit down and wipe the shoes, and did not leave. Wu Songtao looked up and saw a woman in her arms holding a child under the age of one.

The woman asked: “Do you really know me?"

Wu Songtao took a closer look and was embarrassed. She turned out to be Cher!

Cher pointed at the child and said, “This is your daughter. I can’t let my child have no father since he was a child."

It turned out that Cher was a waiter at Wu Songtao Hotel. Cher is beautiful, Wu Songtao always wants to approach her, and Cher likes this young and handsome boss. He has a relationship with him. In fact, Wu Songtao wanted to play with Xue, and did not really want to ask her to be a wife. Wu Songtao worried that Xue would be entangled in himself and began to deliberately and eyebrows with other girls in the hotel. Cher couldn’t bear it, told Wu Songtao: “I am pregnant, you must be responsible to me." Wu Songtao took out two thousand dollars from his pocket and gave it to Cher: “Then you will kill the child, I will not Married to you." Cher’s tears ran down, tearing the money and smashing it on Wu Songtao’s face, crying and running out of the hotel. Since Cher’s departure, the hotel’s business is not as good as one day. Many shop assistants feel that Wu Songtao is ruthless and unscrupulous, and he does not work hard at work, and even takes the opportunity to chaos and fish. After half a year, the hotel closed down.

Wu Songtao told Cher that he is now unable to support their mother and daughter. Cher said that she does not have a picture of gold, but she has a home and can live safely and securely. Cher hugged her daughter Xiaoxue and followed Wu Songtao into the dilapidated house he rented.

Although Wu Songtao still went to the train station every day to clean the shoes, but with the care of Cher, his face became ruddy, and the clothes were much cleaner than before. Cher bought a sewing machine, found some odd jobs for processing clothes, and made money to subsidize the family.

Until this time, Wu Songtao felt the preciousness of Cher, and he regretted what he had done before. Wu Songtao asked Cher why he didn’t hate him. Cher said: “The past things have passed. As long as you are good to us, don’t drive us out of the house."

After listening to Cher, Wu Songtao’s heart was sour, I really wanted to take a few slaps. In order to repay Cher, Wu Songtao began to try his best to make money. He wanted to let Xue and his daughter live a good life. However, it is impossible to make money by polishing shoes. Cher told Wu Songtao that a garment factory had closed down and there was a lot of outdated clothes in the warehouse. “Those clothes are definitely cheaper. It’s better to buy them back. Then I process them at home. You can send them to the wholesale market and you can make money."

Wu Songtao came to the garment factory, and as Snow said, those backlogs were as cheap as white. Wu Songtao excitedly called a taxi and bought a lot of clothes to transport it home. Cher did not let Wu Songtao go to the train station to wipe the shoes, let him put a hand at home, she did not have to dismantle and process the clothes day and night. More than a month later, the pile of outdated clothes became a trendy, beautiful costume in the hands of Cher.

Wu Songtao sent the clothing to the wholesale market and sold it in just one day. Looking at the thick banknotes in his hand, Wu Songtao couldn’t help but burst into tears. When he walked home through the jewelry store, Wu Songtao did not hesitate to buy a beautiful diamond ring for Cher.

Back home, Wu Songtao put the diamond ring on the snow, and Xue suddenly burst into the arms of Wu Songtao and cried. This is the second time Wu Songtao has seen Cher’s tears, the first time when Cher left the hotel.

This evening, Wu Songtao and Xueer took their daughter to the restaurant to celebrate. In the lobby of the hotel, Wu Songtao turned magically and pulled out a rose from behind, in front of Cher in front of everyone: “Marry me, I will be good to you all my life, never change my heart." , never betrayal!" Cher took the tears with tears: “I finally waited for you."

Since finding a way to make money, Wu Songtao simply bought all the backlog of clothes in the garment factory. He found a workshop where Cher went to instruct the workers there to process the clothes, and he sold them at the wholesale market. After a few months, they made a lot of money, and Wu Songtao can finally turn over.

To celebrate the New Year, Wu Songtao wants to take Cher to take a wedding photo, and then go back to Cher’s hometown. His son-in-law does not even see the mother-in-law. Cher proposed to go to the “Fiber Hand Studio", Wu Songtao promised. In the photo studio, the photographer kept praising their family of three very happy. Wu Songtao knew in his heart that his happiness today is all brought by Xue.

A week later, Wu Songtao went to the photo studio to take photos, and was surprised to find that there was only his own image on the photo. Cher and Xiaoxue did not take photos. The studio manager told Wu Songtao that they didn’t know what was going on, and they kept apologizing, letting Wu Songtao lead his wife and daughter to make a photo again.

The frustrated Wu Songtao returned home with his own wedding photo. What shocked him was that Cher was so excited and full of face, and kept saying “It was really good." Wu Songtao was very puzzled, but because he was anxious to drive back to Xue’s hometown, he had to put the photos on the side for a while. Wu Songtao bought a lot of gifts, a family of three cars sitting for a day, finally arrived at the Cher’s home. Standing at the door of the house, Xue let Wu Songtao go advanced, she took Xiaoxue to the neighbors to string a door.

Although Wu Songtao felt a little bit wrong, he still took a lot of gifts into the Cher’s house. The door of the Cher’s house was open, but no one. When Wu Songtao walked into the living room, he suddenly stopped, and the large black and white photos of Cher were hung on the wall, surrounded by two black yarns.

A middle-aged woman came over and saw Wu Songtao and stunned. Wu Songtao was so shocked that he couldn’t speak, and pointed his finger at the photo of Cher on the wall. The middle-aged woman said, “Are you a former colleague of Cher? I am her mother."

Xue’s mother told Wu Songtao with tears. She was pregnant when she came back from work at the hotel three years ago, but no matter how the family persuaded her, she refused to kill the child. Because Cher is in a bad mood, eating a meal can lead to malnutrition, and it is difficult to give birth when she is born. She and her newly born daughter left the world…

The gift in Wu Songtao’s hand slipped to the ground and he walked out of the Cher’s house. Wu Songtao finally understood why he could not see the snow and snow on the wedding photos.

Wu Songtao, who was in tears, came home with a car, and Xue and Xiaoxue had returned. Cher prepared a table full of food, Wu Songtao rushed forward, holding Xue and Xiaoxue in his arms.

Cher asked Wu Songtao: “You know the situation of me and Xiaoxue now, will you still love us?"

Wu Songtao said with tears: “Love! I don’t care if you are a ghost, as long as we can be together forever."

At this time, the manager of the photo studio and the mother of Cher smiled and walked out of the back room. It turned out that all of this was arranged in advance by Xue. She was worried that Wu Songtao would pay for it after she had money, so she deliberately designed to test him.

After knowing the truth of the matter, Wu Songtao cried with a loud cry: “Almost scared me to death, if you are really dead, I will not live." Wu Songtao took a bottle of sleeping pills from his pocket. That was what he bought on his way home and was ready to commit suicide.

Who said that “a man becomes bad when he has money?" Wu Songtao vowed that in this life, he will not do anything to betray his wife and daughter. If you die, you must love and never separate.

Natural weight loss method

Some people think that weight loss is a process that requires a long time to persist. Therefore, weight loss is a process that tests people’s perseverance. Many people give up losing weight because they cannot eat weight loss. We not only only pay attention to weight loss, but also need to pay attention to whether weight loss will have a certain impact on health, and these four measures of weight loss are effective, and are conducive to good health.

Which four weight loss tricks work well?

First, lose one kilogram per week

Nowadays, many people know that some advertisements for fast weight loss are the process of quickly dehydrating obese people. In fact, severe dehydration is very harmful to health. If it is a healthy weight loss, it should be to reduce the body’s fat, not just the pursuit of weight loss. Therefore, it can be seen that the advertisement of five kilograms per week is a bit exaggerated. Even if someone can do this, it is very dangerous.

Second, a reasonable diet plus exercise

Even if we really want to lose weight, the calorie intake per day should not be less than 1,200 kcal. It is necessary to maintain an adequate intake of carbohydrates, protein and low fat in the body in order to maintain the body’s basal metabolism. Therefore, calories that reduce your diet are not necessarily a small amount of food, but rather foods that are low in calories. Cooking methods should eat some steamed food, or boiled. Avoid cooking with oil and frying, fat-containing oily foods.

Third, adhere to the good habit of developing exercise

There is no way to lose weight when you lose weight. If you want to lose weight through short-term strenuous exercise, the effect is harmful, and it is not good for your health. Long-term relaxation exercise is more effective in consuming body fat, and dieting can greatly reduce calorie intake. But if you want to continue to lose weight, exercise is essential. If you want to lose weight easily, don’t go hungry, enjoy a slimming life, and then you can only exercise for a long time.

Fourth, do physical examination before exercise

Obese athletes should have a cardiopulmonary function test before exercise. At the same time, blood and urine should be checked. Then look at the presence of diabetes and heart disease, high blood pressure or kidney disease, and avoid high-intensity exercise. Therefore, after the physical examination, you can ask a professional coach to help develop a scientific and effective fitness program based on your physical condition.

Losing weight is a gradual process. Don’t believe too much about fake and fake advertising. If you only want to lose weight without actually losing body fat, then the harm to health is very big. Therefore, effective weight loss requires a combination of good eating habits and aerobic exercise.

Husband and wife high IQ dialogue

Chinese traditional wedding clothes

1– Walking with my wife at night, I saw a pair of lovers coming across, the girl was super-stunned, and the man’s super-frustration, I couldn’t help but bow down and sigh: “Hey, good cabbage has made the pig arch!”

The wife heard a slap in the back: “I don’t want to be a pig."

2–wife: “Husband, you said that the child went to kindergarten, I am going to find a job, you have to give me a bright road."

Husband: “Then go to sweep the land, sweep it there is the bright road."

3– very depressed to work, texting his wife: was trained by the leadership, want to kill.

Wife God replies: Go to the toilet and throw it away, you will kill hundreds of millions of people.

I said: Tiger poison does not eat.

Wife back: I let you throw it, and didn’t let you eat it. . .

4– I said to my wife: “Every time I lie in your arms and listen to your heartbeat, I feel crisp and sweet."

She pushed me away: “Oh, you want to say that I am a glass heart?"

I quickly explained: “You misunderstood, it doesn’t mean this."

She slowed down: “What is that?"

Me: “Because you are flat-chested, you can hear more clearly."

Depressed men and women

A good version of the type

1-Do you still wear makeup for Halloween? It’s just a direct performance, a poor ghost!

2- the boys singled for a long time to see who is awkward, girls single long time to see who are slag men!

3-10 beautiful girls, half feel that they are not good-looking, the other half feel that they are not good-looking; 10 boys, half feel that they are handsome, the other half feel that they are handsome.

4-If you can’t find a good angle in your self-timer, then you must realize that you are better than the photo.

5- Why do women want to dry up this year? ! When a man marries a man, he will have two cars in two suites.

6- living conditions: every morning in the morning, frustrated, work to school, swearing, and screaming at night, and in the middle of the night they said that they cultivated immortals.

7- like to be unable to hide, hold your mouth and run out of the wallet, drawn out of the bank card.

8-In this world, don’t rely too much on others, because even your shadow will leave you in the dark.